About BeLee

I have always been an intuitive since a young child, with visions and dreams that would come true. It clashed with my Baptist upbringing but the spirits worked with me. I manage to repress my gifts in College but they blew open when I moved to Hawai’i after I got my undergrad. Was told that I was tied to the land, since I was born there and I started to refine my gifts, while learning about my Hawai’i cosmology.

When I return to Los Angeles, I studied over 10 hours of Energy Healing Work under Heather White, and Reiki I + II with  Reiki Master Haridass Kaur of the Awareness Center of Pasadena.  Starting in 2012, I studied to refine my Psychic + Medium gifts under Adela Lavine and Griffin Ced, of the Green Man Store of North Hollywood to the present.